We are starting to work with charities and hospices who provide support to the dying and to the bereaved.

Where there are instances of adults or children who would benefit by having a Life Film made, but who are not able to afford this, charities or hospices can get in touch and we will try and find an individual or organisation who would like to ‘Gift a Life Film’.

This means the person or organisation wishing to Gift a Life Film provides the funds for us to work with a person or family to create a Life Film.

Currently we have been generously given an amount of money by a Law firm in London for us to provide two Life Films. If you know of any hospice or children’s bereavement charity who think that a client of theirs might benefit from such a gift please do get in touch with us.

The gift is an anonymous donation and the receivers do not need to acknowledge or be in touch with the person or organisation gifting the Life Film.

If you or your company would like to Gift a Life Film please call us.